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  • Congratulations to The Breathe Institute (TBI) for completing the Myo Masterminds program in 2020/2021. Several of our board members along with founder Diane Bahr participated in this event, and the OMI plans to do more work with TBI. Visit

  • Congrats to our Board Chair Robyn Merkel-Walsh who was recently published in three peer reviewed journals: The Journal of the American Laser Study Club (with Kristie Gatto) , Clinical Pediatrics (with DR. Richard Baxter, et al.) and the International Journal of Orofacial Myology and Myofunctional Therapy. 

  • Congratulations to TalkTools® for two successful conference events focusing on orofacial myology, sleep , feeding and all aspects of oral dysfunction. Look for a live virtual conference on TOTs August 2020 . Visit

  • The IAOM celebrates 50 years in 2021, with a virtual conference scheduled in October 2021.

Clinicians have been presenting on oral motor and related topics at ASHA. In 2019, there were wonderful presentations by Melanie Potock, Krisi Brackett, Lori Overland, Robyn Merkel-Walsh, Jill Rabin, Linda D'Onofrio and more! Members were accepted in 2020 but it was sadly canceled . Stay tuned in 2021.

Pam Marshalla has published The Marshalla Guide: A Topical Anthology of Speech Movement Techniques for Motor Speech Disorders & Articulation Deficits. It can be purchased here:

Robyn Merkel-Walsh and Lori Overland have published TOTs 5-Step Screening Tool. For more on this and related TOTs materials visit:

Robyn Merkel-Walsh launched a new class in July 2021: MYOTools 101: An Introduction to orofacial Myology.

Do not miss the great works of the American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry. Look for upcoming collaborations of OMI and AAPMD.

Congratulations to The Breathe Institute for new research on TOTs and myofunctional therapy: Zaghi, S., Valcu-Pinkerton, S., Jabara, M., Norouz-Knutsen, L., Govardhan, C., Moeller, J., Sinkus, V., Thorden, R., Downey, V., Camacho, M., Yoon, A., Hang, W.M., Hockel, B., Guilleminault, C. & Lui, Y.C.L. (2019) Lingual frenulopasty with myofunctional therapy: exploring safety and efficacy in 348 cases. Laryngoscope Inverstigative Otolaryngology: DOI: 10.1002/lio2.297


ASHA 2020 was cancelled, but some of our board members were accepted to present. Let us hope 2021 resumes convention.  Want to know how you can deliver excellent oral motor services via teletherapy ? Do not miss this wonderful article with Board Member Char Boshart as a co-author :


We are welcoming members and researchers . Please email if interested.





We need to remember that The ASHA Code of Ethics states: (Principle of Ethics III) Individuals shall honor their responsibility to the public when advocating for the unmet communication and swallowing needs of the public and shall provide accurate information involving any aspect of the professions.  The code also states: Individuals shall not misrepresent research and scholarly activities, diagnostic information, services provided, results of services provided, products dispensed, or the effects of products dispensed.

This implies as therapists we need to understand the Evidenced Based Practice Map ASHA provides us with. Last fall, I wrote a piece for the ASHA Leader Blog:

This was prompted by a piece written by Melanie Potock that received backlash on social media:

There is no argument from the OMI that we need more level 1 & 2 research for all areas of our field including oral motor, oral placement and feeding; however to disregard all other research but level 1 research as EBP negates the whole point ASHA makes. I encourage all therapists to engage in social media with caution and with a mutual respect for one another as outlined in the code (under Principle of Ethics IV) : Individuals shall uphold the dignity and autonomy of the professions, maintain collaborative and harmonious interprofessional and intraprofessional relationships, and accept the professions' self-imposed standards.  For more on social media, you can read the ASHA LEADER article I co-authored with DR. Jennifer Moore.

If you are in private practice and require support in EBP for your work please refer to the position statement of the American Academy of Private Practice in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. I worked with a committee to create this document. Read it here:

Board Members Update

Several Board members and Consultants to the Board were presenters at ASHA Connect and at the ASHA Convention in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Please see the EBP in Progress Page for more information.

 PODCAST: Oral Placement Therapy

19 July 2015 | Conversations in Speech Pathology: with Robyn Merkel-Walsh

This podcast was in response to an interview with Dr. Gregory Lof in a previous podcast regarding NSOME and EBP. Robyn explained what Evidenced Based Practice we do have, and what needs further research.

21 June 2018 | In-Depth with Robyn Merkel-Walsh & Jeff Stepen: On EBP, OMD and OPT

This interview was a followup to Robyn's 2015 podcast with Jeff Stepen.

 RESEARCH: Nonspeech Oral Movements and Oral Motor Disorders

November 2015 | American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology

Ray Kent, PhD, has written an excellent journal article - Nonspeech Oral Movements and Oral Motor Disorders: A Narrative Review.


  • Please note if you are using any of the information from this website, our members lectures or publications the MUST BE CITED. This includes social media posts, TikTok reels an so forth. Please give credit where credit is due we are working for all of you !

  • The OMI Board is currently advocating for the expansion of orofacial myology codes , both CPT and ICD-10. If you are having coding rejections please email

EBP Support for Private Practice

Janaury 2017 | Robyn Merkel-Walsh

If you are in private practive and require support in EBP for your work, please refer to the position statement of the American Academy of Private Practice in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. I worked with a committee to create this document. Read it here:


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