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The OMI is established to publish monographs that demonstrate the evidence base of oral sensory and motor techniques for articulation, motor speech, and feeding treatment. Its mission is to contribute to the field of speech-language-hearing science by expanding our knowledge about the sensory and motor components of articulation, motor speech, and feeding development, disorders, assessment and treatment.


The debate about oral motor treatment has been a hot one in the field of speech-language pathology. On the one side are proponents of oral motor techniques who insist that they work. On the other side are those who ask, "Where's the proof?"

The chasm between the two sides of this issue is just beginning to be understood. Fortunately, both sides seem to have at heart the best interests of our profession and the clients we serve. Toward this end, the Oral Motor Institute will publish monographs on particular topics related to oral motor treatment, to bring evidence to light.

Publisher's Note

Many unique textbooks were published by small publishers on the topics of phonetics, speech disorders, and articulation evaluation and treatment in the early days of speech-language treatment. Most of them received only small circulation and are not widely known. The Oral Motor Institute is interested in making these books known to future generations. To contribute information about obscure volumes, to donate books, or to add titles to this time line for future revisions, please write or email the Oral Motor Institute.

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